Sunday, 8 February 2015

Stitching News, Trying To Catch Up

Farmer Lynda almost completed her very first, very own little applique quilt, and boy has she enjoyed making it... there's another one planned... exactly the same but, at the same time, completely different... it will bee buzzing!
Diane finished her quilting and happily trimmed the crusts away from her lovely kiddy play mat. Binding was stitched on and homework will involve a little hand stitching. About A Boy... a beautiful and fun collection of fabrics and I have them all in stock.

Sister Sue added her inner borders to her Railfence table runner...
She's taking her time to get everything accurate... and her project is looking great for it
Fiona Too, sister of Sue... I know... it's going to be a bit confusing!
 Anyway, more inner borders, this time blue. The outer borders have been chosen by both ladies and we'll see how they look next time.
Brenda Duck finished another Quick Table Topper quilt. She's gone all arty-farty and added rays of sunny sunshine to the centre block... this lovely topper will be gifted.... just as soon as the binding is finished, of course.
Our Sheila finished yet another brilliant bag with an extremely clever way of using up Batik strips... there's a workshop planned and the date will be announced once Sheila has ironed out the instructions... don't tut at me... it was an accident, he he he
Ooooohhh Toot toot toot Sheila, it's fabulous and finished!
The Saturday taster days are getting busier and bookings are getting tight.
We had two more ladies come to pick up basic rotary cutting, scant quarter inch seams, adding borders...
Levelling up, nesting seams, pinning for accuracy, pressing.. my word they learned a lot... sandwiching, quilting.... they'll be back soon as they want to make cushions... with zips!
Morning Judith came to make her latest lovely quilt sandwich... she can't make class anymore with such a busy life but she's continually stitching at home...
This is Morning Judiths baby play mat.. very cute applique pictures taken from two different books... PMS Pleasing My Self... very much encouraged, as you know! Toot toot toot Judith, fabulous and finished!
Another rather unique project from Morning Judith... You can easily see that this will be gifted to a Bassett Hound, OK Maybe the owner really, ha! More toot toot tooting
Angela popped in to show us her latest finished project...a pillow-bag
Cute enough but look what was inside...
Toot toot toot Angela, a fabulous and extremely cute finish
Made with a pattern from the Stashbuster book... full of great patterns.
What a long post... hope you enjoyed it!

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