Friday, 13 February 2015

Stitching News

Christabelle has her wonky blocks all stitched together... this design looks simple, and it could be, though with the pattern/method Chris used it was a little tricky
BUT there were no bias seams... and that's a good thing.
I don't think anyone has ever been happier with a new sewing machine than Fruity Rose... she's still stroking it and telling it how wonderful it is!
Thank goodness for Juki! Rose's baby play mat is coming along a treat...
no border needed here as careful sashing covered that job.
Just Jan finished her Twister Heart bed runner...
just in time for the weekend of romance coming soon.
Toot toot toot Just Jan... a fabulous finish
Short and sweet... It's a very busy time in the Whiston world... just one week to go!

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