Sunday, 1 February 2015

Twist And Turn Tote Workshop

We had a cutting table... How very posh!!
Following cutting instructions can be daunting... not today though...
Sheila talked the ladies through every step... ever so helpful.

It was a great and fun workshop again, thank you Sheila. Not everyone got their bags finished, we all sew at different speeds, but everyone knows how to continue at home. The great advantage of workshops in my very own shop/classroom is that you can always pop back for guidance. In this case, Sheila is available most Thursdays for the ladies who attended our workshop, good to know eh.

 Susan popped in with a lovely little project to show off. She thought that we would like to see what she made with fabrics from my very own patchwork and quilting shop... I have a fantastic selection of a gazillion fabulous fabrics you know!!...
That's not the only reason why Susan came to visit though... she picked up her brand new toy... Juki HZL 600f Exceed... lucky lady, the offer finished now so she was just in time. She even brought two burly machine carriers with her! Oh how the other half live!

Juki... fantastic machines!

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