Monday, 16 February 2015

Sandwiching News!

Sandwich Saturdays are proving popular... how very lucky we are that I have such useful days in my very own quilt shop!! ha With lovely tables and a choice of widths of wonderful waddings.... why would you get down on your hands and knees at home?
Bookings are made from 10am to 2pm... just so you know... but sometimes we run over time when so many sandwiches need to be made, like last Saturday...
Christabelle was first in... this is a huge quilt 
This is the back of one of Lovely Lyn's sandwiches
One quilt sandwich, it's a truly double sided project.
Lovely Lyn also sandwiched her owls... how very cute!
New Sue brought her jet lag to help her make a quilt sandwich!
My Rebel Josie was last in to make her very scrappy sandwich.
Such a busy day!

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