Saturday, 21 February 2015

Stitching News

PM Pam finished her Twist And Turn panel cushion...
A fabulous and finished fanfare is in order then, Toot toot toot Pam.
It's fun using variegated threads for fancy machine stitches... and did you know that I stock loads of them, including the full range of King Tut and Metler
This is the back of PM Pam's fabulous cushion...
Now, tell me those self covered buttons don't look extremely luxurious!!!
Pam did sew them on straight, it's my setting up of the photo that makes them look unevenly placed! and, if you're wondering... I do sell buttons for covering with your very own fabric, hopefully purchased from my fabulous stock?

Lady Judith spent a few hours quilting her lovely Lone Star project... it's a huge quilt so, once Judith had sufficiently achy shoulders, she switched projects... always a good idea to have a few projects on the go at the very same time...
Fruity Rose has us all thinking we want to make kiddy play mats now...
No borders are needed if we sash the last row of blocks... tempting eh! That binding looks fun, I love dotty fabrics for binding...
Toot toot toot! A fabulous and finished, quirky quilt from Merrily.
I hope you click on the picture to take a closer look at the original quilting... using a super selection of fancy machine embroidery stitches. The pattern for the centre of the quilt was wall hanging size... now it's a lap quilt!
Di Butterfly has conquered her Puffs!
She didn't use a Suffolk Puff / Yo-Yo maker, even though they do help a lot to get accuracy... Di made hers the original way...
and she's, quite openly, very proud of her puffs!
This is Di's fabulous finish... that new little Grand baby is going to be forever wrapped in quilts if his Nana has anything to do with it! Lucky little fellow eh.
Toot toot toot Diane.
Brenda Barbara didn't feel like concentrating too much during her class so she made a few more of the denim circle blocks... easy and fun. Once there's enough, Brenda will be making a picnic quilt... Denim is a great fabric for tough, rough and tumble use... does it ever wear out? Maybe in time but hey... she can patch it!!
Our Sheila is  playing with scraps... she found a gazillion different fabrics in her stash at home that she doesn't necessarily like any more so decided to get them used up... I wonder how many designs she can come up with using HST's (Half Square Triangles)
Michelle My Bell is working on a commission quilt at the moment... The sandwich was made during class and the quilting commenced... It seems that these colours are the in-thing at the moment... I'm selling trendy fabrics!! ha ha ha
Peggy is also making a kiddie play mat... like a quilt. She also made a sandwich and started the quilting... diagonal lines for a change...There's one lucky little girl who will soon be receiving a beautiful gift

I shall now go... I need to shower and beautify my very own self... 
It's my Mother Of The Bride Day!!! 
Ooooooer, however did she get to be old enough to get married?

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