Sunday, 4 August 2013

Merrily's Charity Stitching

A while ago, Merrily told us about Wiggley bags. She and her daughter make them regularly. I offered to make some too, so Fiona sent me the information. Weeks went by and I still hadn't produced any... not wanting to let the side down I proposed that if I supplied the fabrics would Merrily please make some Wiggley bags on my behalf... luckily, Merrily was happy to help me out. We chopped up several half metres of fabric and Merrily set to, making the Wiggley bags, that's one in the centre of the photo. There's another type of medical tube carrying bag needed as well, top right of the picture. Also there's a hospital collecting premature baby clothes so Merrily used some fabric to make the beautiful little clothes you see in the picture, they are only about 8" long.
What a lovely lady Merrily is to make such lovely things for donating.

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