Thursday, 1 August 2013

Lots Of Stitching News

Lynda had loads of ends to tie in.
Needles can be tricky to thread with two threads at the very same time,
so... we introduced her to the self threading needle...
 My Mum Gwynneth swears by them, so does Lynda... now.
Jean Bean made the final few decisions about fabric choices for her next quilt.
She substituted the light cream fabric for a crisp white one...
Happy now, Jean is on a patchwork piecing roll.
Wendy, amongst other things, spent time appliquéing her next quilt blocks.
She's always working on several projects at the same time
... She suddenly declared that she's going to finish everything she has started so far!
That will be interesting eh...
Arty Beryl is discovering the wonders of soluble fabric
I sell it in my very own quilt shop and had asked our 'arty ladies' to play with it
To make little sample bits to show to other folk...
Beryl's having fun!
My Wife Beth is making Advent Calendar wall quilts.
She's making it up as she goes along, after seeing a rather lovely one on a blog.
Appliqué numbers will be added to each pocket.
No it's not Helen's lunch, nor is it top secret stitching...
We pinched this idea from Shirley Lerly a while ago.
Foil is great for keeping blocks and pieces in order...
Helen had packed her project away before the camera was ready.
Chatty Cathy's borders are all coming together now.
She's finished deciding, trimming and pondering colours.
They will now be stitched together, sandwiched and quilted,
One at a time they will be added to the quilt centre.
Kate made another huge and beautiful quilt sandwich.
In the next post you'll see Kate's quilt get a toot toot toot for a finish...
It won't be this one though... She made twin quilts...
Both the same but completely different.

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Maggi said...

Just love the colours in Cathy's quilt.