Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Stitching News

Lyn Scatterpin finished making all the components for her blocks and is now in the process of putting them together. This is one completed block, made up of 4 smaller blocks, can you make them out?
Michelle My Belle finished all of her framed four patch blocks so was able to start making the filler triangle blocks... as you can see, Michelle is using a Jelly Roll...
she loves the pre-cuts!... 
Thank you for helping Michelle!I heard that the shop got extremely busy during the afternoon...
Di Butterfly is quilting her 3D quilt with 'Points and Bellies' which makes a flower shape for each block.
The quilt is lap size and is made with beautiful Batik fabrics...
don't they smell great when you press them!
There's a good selection of Batik fabric available in My Very Own Quilt Shop!
PM Pam finished putting her fabulous Snowman Collector quilt top together.
This is one cute pattern and it's been a pleasure watching it come together.
Pam used brightly coloured fabrics for her appliqué which almost makes me want to make another Snowman quilt for my very own self... almost!
The pattern for the Snowman Collector Quilt, along with others from The Stitch Connection, will be available to purchase from Thursday this week. Do I need to tell you where you can purchase it? OK I will.... 
In Angie's Lovely Patchwork & Quilting  Shop
3 Queen Street 
ST10 1BQ

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