Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Quilty Quarters

All blocks, eventually, got stitched together. (the weeding took me to 3pm, for goodness sakes... hot weather and rain, that's what's to blame!!)... I've decided to finish each edge star and call it done, no border so to speak... which means that it will remain a lovely lap size. It was/is really hard (for me) to get a good photo that shows the true colours of the fabrics in this quilt, it's kind of, sort of... camouflage-y but not too masculine green-ish with not too girly pinky-pink, with a splash of scrumptious, aubergine-y plum for the stars, and right now, I am tittering but the description is spot on!... I'm thinking it's a perfect combination for a young lady who might be deciding that black isn't the only cool colour she likes... getting 'in touch' with her feminine side, you know what I mean? a bit like growing up!... and yes, the spell check thing is giving me warnings! 
Uttoxeter Quilt Class today. Jenni should be making a large sandwich and our new lady, Marisabel, should be making two small ones, sandwiches that is. Lovely Lyn... I expect she'll be making binding and, possibly, starting a new project? 
Oooooh the suspense eh!

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Maggi said...

Looks very good. Your description of the colours had me giggling too but it does seem accurate. Bit worried about moving away from black = growing up, maybe I'm heading for my second childhood, or maybe third!