Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Angie's First Workshop

I've taught many people to do patchwork and quilting over the years. I love showing people how to do it, especially beginners,... there's such a special 'clonk' when the penny drops, he he he. Today though, I had been booked to do a "workshop", a real one, for ladies who already know a thing or two about the process.
They requested that I take my Table Top Shop, wadding on the side, I wasn't sure they had realised quite how much stuff I have these days, but I took it all anyway... good idea! 
'Pineapple Blossom', that was the subject of the workshop. I did my talking, with a little demonstration showing how to make one block, then came the part where you make the bonus triangles, very cool!... I shared several of my little piecing tips... This all went down very well actually, especially the pressing of seams, top tips there... soon it was time to get cracking and have a go at making one block, just to try as a sample... no pressure to make a whole quilt, a cushion maybe?
There was a beginner, my favourite... she thought it might be difficult... don't worry I'll help you!... (being helpful is my most favourite thing to do, well for quilting it is.. don't ask me to help with your chores!) ha ha ha.  This lovely lady chose to put animal pictures in her centres, well... I had never thought to do that before... fussy cutting centre bits and carrying the colours through the pineapple-y bits... absolutely fabulous!... it's on my "to-do" list!
I think it was a good day... most of the ladies learned a thing or two, lots of ladies went home with the intention of making more Pineapple Blossom blocks... some ladies shopped, some ladies just ooo-d and ahhhh-d.  I enjoyed it actually, maybe I will do it again, if I'm invited.

Two of the first blocks to be finished.

For now it's preparation time for Caverswall Quilt Cave tomorrow, Wednesday 15th June 10am - 3pm, as usual, you are very welcome to come over to spend your day stitching or to shop, just visit if you like.