Monday, 13 June 2011

Quilty Quarters

I know I'm very fortunate to have my very own Quilty Quarters (just a little bedroom) it means that I don't have to keep clearing things away only to get them all out again each time I want to sew... 
I can leave the room, closing the door behind me, knowing my project bits and pieces will all be there when I'm able to return... So, I don't need an hour to make it worth while setting up... I can visit, work on something for 10-15 minutes and leave... I can pop in and stay for 8 hours without disturbing anyone... not that that happens very often! The progress made with this Kaleidoscope has been slow, but, bits and bobs of snatched stitchy time have all added up... here's the proof on my design wall, the centre of the quilt top is almost finished! 
The door is closed again now, there are chores do be done... There are always chores waiting on a Monday, don't you find... Roll on lunch break... 20 minutes or so = 2 more blocks? ha ha ha


Becky said...

Very Beautiful

regina said...

félicitations !!!!
travail magnifique !!!!!
amitiés de Régina