Thursday, 30 June 2011

Caverswall Quilt Cave

Let's talk about ironing...
This is one of Lizi's Log Cabin blocks, stunning isn't it?
She spent the day learning a lot about 'fudging' to get the blocks perfect, as you see here...
'Fudging'? for example... Many, many people, Iron their blocks to death... (especially if, like most beginners, they don't know any different) "seam only" prrrressing is quite sufficient in truth... if you are ironing your blocks 'to death' STOP IT!! ha ha ha, yes I am shouting!... "Prrrrress them", (roll those r's)... stop moving the iron whilst it's got pressure on your block... save that stuff for shirts!! So, when making up Log Cabin blocks, for example, if you can't help yourself and you feel the need to do "Shirt Ironing" and not gentle "prrrrressing"... your 'Logs' will, more than likely, be bowed or wonky. Prrress, prrrress, prrrress, please.
Shirley Lerly is getting on very well with her blocks, quite complex in cutting and piecing they are too... but, oh how beautiful this quilt will be, don't you think?.. She's not ironing or prrrressing with an iron... she's finger pressing, which could be called 'nail pressing', there are tools out there on the expensive quilting gadget market, but a nail will do the job... Tiny bits are better not being touched by an iron at all, they warp easily you see, a light pressing of the seams with only a finger nail, does the job perfectly... you can prrrress each block when it's completed, they will turn out very straight and square, I promise!
Arty Beryl had us all lost for words.. she's making the most beautiful Crazy pieced blocks now... oh soooo beauuuuuutiful. This is only one of many, embelished, trimmed, stitched so freely... we just stand by her table looking, quietly... you know how you do when you're thinking "Oh I wish I was more arty, I wouldn't even know where to start..." You know what I mean? You ever think that? I know I do... actually, I do know where to start... with the first piece , of course! ha ha ha.
Helen is also getting very creative. If the instructions in her book say to do or use one thing, and she either doesn't have it or doesn't like the idea... she plays, she does her own thing... PMS (Please My Self) This block, for example, should have embroidered motifs in each piece, they're expensive you know, plus the fuel to get to a shop, parking to go in etc... improvising not only saves lots of cash... it looks pretty cool too, are ya nodding in agreement?
My Mum (Gwynneth) is back from her holidays. She's making a fun pieced backing for her green and cream quilt. We had to calculate the setting triangles... I am a visual person... couldn't quite get it right with my maths so, I made a template... did you know that ironing two pieced of freezer paper, shiny sides facing, will make a rather marvelous and quite stiff template? You do now!

Not too many pictures this time... once again, we were too busy with stitchy fun and 'prrrressing' to take photos for you... that and I don't want to use my blurred ones, he he he.
We meet again tomorrow, Friday 1st July. 10am - 3pm. Table Top Shop, wadding under the table will be in full bloom!
See you there?

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Maggi said...

Ooooh, where do I start with all these beauties. I love the colours in the log cabin, and you are right to remind people that you press patchwork.

Shirley's blocks have me drooling, the colours are so fresh and crisp. Can't wait to see this one finished. The pastel shades of Beryls crazy blocks are a real change from the normal dark and heavy colours, nice.

Definitely nodding in agreement re Helen's improvisation but not sure why she would need to go to a shop - are you supposed to buy the motifs, much better to do your own embroidery if you ask me and it makes it more personal too.

What gorgeous fabric for the setting triangles. Bet the back ends up looking as good as the front.