Sunday, 26 June 2011

Quilty Quarters

New batiks from Moda. Delivered to me on Thursday actually, so I had been thinking about them for only two days really, one and a half days if we are wanting exact details... 
The quilt that Messy Maureen has been making is from a Woman's Weekly  magazine, a special craft edition which Maureen, very kindly, lent to me. So I had been thinking about that too... for a few weeks actually. It's a nice easy one. Obviously, thinking about such wonderful things can be dangerous... oh yes! in the end, I treated myself from my "Table Top Shop, wadding in the spare room", to a small quantity of the new and rather gorgeous batik fabric. .
 I love the smell of a Batik when it's ironed.. is that weird?  I cut it all up, mostly into 5" squares with loads of 2 3/4" squares and played stitchy patchwork... for the whole day, yes you heard me correctly the WHOLE DAY yesterday, Saturday!! I started cutting at approximately 8am and finished at 6pm, of course there was a tea break, a coffee break or two and a rather rapid lunch break... Is it possible to have tooooooo much fun??
I've been weeding my blooming garden since 7:30am this morning, it's now 10am, coffee break.... two more hours should see me done, weeded, tidied, swept up and.... back in my wonderful Quilty Quarters!! yeeeeha!

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Maggi said...

Definitely not possible to have too much fun when you produce things like this. I agree that ironed batiks do smell different, must be the waxing process I guess.