Saturday, 25 June 2011

Caverswall Quilt Cave

As you can see, Toot Toot Toot!!! Chris The Very Good Foot,  finished all of her blocks and joined them all into rows, carefully matching up all the pointy points and corners. She laid them out so that we could all WOW over it, and wow we did! My goodness this is a stunning design, two very simple blocks laid alternately to produce such a stunning pattern, oooooo it's lovely
Maid Marion spent a lot of quality time matching her pointy points and other seams and it all paid off. She's very proud of all her centres and matching points and so she should be. Toot Toot Toot Marion! Matching things is only important if it's what you want... as you know we don't let the quilt police near our work! Setting triangles had all been added by the end of the day, she went home in a very good mood.
Gilly's working on her second motor cycle helmet bag. This one is made with the 10-minute block and Gilly is just hand stitching the Cathedral window-y bits. There's going to be appliqué and 3D butterflies added. Gilly's thinking about quilting designs, so many to choose from. Remember, if you want one, she'll make one for you, just ask.

Barbie had finished her Log Cabin quilt last week so it was time to start a new project. I think she's going to try Quiltville's Pineapple Blossom, we'll see next time as this week, Barbie wanted to make a toy bag. A quiet bag to keep quiet toys in, he he he. Dotty Maureen was called over to help Barbie as she is our bag lady! ha ha ha, of course I mean a bag expert, not the other kind. This one is being made without a pattern, Dotty is looking at another bag and inventing Barbie's as they go, very clever!
Messy Maureen came to use our tables. This is the biggest quilt she's made so far so it's going to be quite a challenge for her. Again the very useful Dotty Maureen was on hand to help with the pinning, thanks Dotty... She, Messy Maureen (can you keep up with all the Maureens??) did make a start on the quilting, she was following the star lines with crosses passing through the 4-patch blocks... she got quite a lot done by home time actually.
Helen continues to work on her Heirloom quilt. I'm afraid I'm not much use to Helen with this one, again it's Dotty Maureen offering guidance... which means that she is trying to stay one step ahead of both Helen and Maid Marion. Well, Helen is getting on very well with hers, improvising where necessary, such patience she has... actually, she loves playing with all the fancy stitches on her Baby "Nina". Helen asked me to mention that she has great plans to make more than one quilt with the blocks you all sent to her a few weeks ago, she's planning how to join them all and as soon as there is progress, we will see pictures... does anyone out there sell spare time???  There's a few of us looking for some...

Shirley Lerly 's just starting her new project... It will be another big bed size quilt. It's needing a little more complex piecing than she's tried before so, we decided it might be best to make up a sample block, Toot, Toot, Toot Shirley Lerly!! exact and perfect pointy points and stunning colour choices!! I think she only needs about 80 or 90 of these blocks, it will be absolutely beautiful, I'm sure.

Dotty Maureen brought her finished scrappy quilt to show us, quilted and labelled... it's called Wimbledon 2011 as she actually quilted it whilst listening to a tennis match on her TV. She says she was whoooshing round and round with her free motion loopy-loops and curves, keeping time with the tennis players bashing balls and serving, that's a novel new idea eh, me... I'll stick to my Led Zeppelin CDs!! ha ha ha

We meet again next Wednesday, 29th of June, 10am - 3pm, for more stitchy fun. Refreshments provided by Kettle Corner which is just past my Table Top Shop, wadding under the table with more bolts of fabric as there are now too many to fit them all on top!!
See you there???

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Maggi said...

The dark star points in the top quilt really make it zing and I love the colour choice of Shirley's block, roll on the other 79-89!