Thursday, 16 June 2011

Caverswall Quilt Cave, more

Foxy Margaret's Log Cabin blocks have turned out great... they are a little uneven and some bits are a little wonky... but that's exactly what we wanted. This quilt will be placed with a very, very old chair, antique in fact... so the little inaccuracies will make the quilt look older too... a modern, super accurate quilt might well look out of place. These blocks will have the red leafy fabric as sashing, some bits are already stitched on, you can see the way it brightens up the other colours... clever how some fabrics can do that, don't you think?
Gilly is on a roll with the helmet bags, yes, this is another one, there's probably a big gap in the market for quilted helmet bags... I see bikers world wide all carrying their their patchwork numbers on their backs, ha ha ha. The bag Gilly is making now uses the "10 Minute Block" tutorial and she tells me that the colours are perfect to match the helmet it's intended for.
Lizi decided that she wanted to start a new project, another large quilt, with new fabrics, very exciting! Inspired by my new Judy Martin "Log Cabin" book, she carefully chose her fabrics and set about cutting lots of 1 1/2" strips. She pondered over placement of colours and, by the end of the day she had it sorted.. you can clearly see that it's going to be stunning! Can you see at the top of this photo, that's Chris's table, she continued to work with her Tennessee Waltz blocks,
Chris The Good Foot  is actually ahead of schedule now, only by a couple of blocks but any amount of 'ahead of schedule' is brilliant. She has to do a lot of trimming with this Eleanor Burns method, but it all brings great accuracy so it's worth all the fiddle. I placed these few blocks just to show you how fabulous it's going to look, I sell the perfect rulers in my "Table Top Shop, wadding's over there"
Linda finished the last bit of quilting, straight lines in the borders, on her beginner project, Rail Fence. She trimmed up the edges good and straight with top tips that we all learn at Caverswall Quilt Cave. She made binding and stitched it on with the brilliant binding instructions and turned all corners as in this brilliant tutorial. ... wooops, I think I'm doing a little "toot toot toot" sorry. Next Linda would like to try some applique.
Gilly finished her yellow and black chevron helmet back pack and even brought in a helmet to show us how cool it looks, very practical to have a padded back pack for transporting helmets in, we don't like them to get scratched! You want Gilly to make a special one for you? e-mail me and I will put in a special request with Gilly! ha ha

We meet again on Friday 17th, that's tomorrow. I did mention that Table Top Shop, wadding on the side" might not be complete, but Dotty Maureen is going to help me take the whole lot to Caverswall Village Hall, so no need to worry, if you need anything, I probably have it for you... lovely, fresh, new fabrics just arrived from Moda too!!


Maggi said...

Lovely stuff, and wonky is good. Is that the book you bought at Malvern?

sewali said...

I too have made a Tennessee Waltz quilt from Eleanor Burns' book, it looks beautiful finished. I love Chris' choice of fabrics for this design, hers is also going to look great. Has anyone spotted the mistake on the bottom star yet? :o)