Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Caverswall Quilt Cave

Foxy Margaret continued to add the sashing and corner stone bits to her Log Cabin quilt. She wasn't sure whether she actually liked the colours until I took a photo and showed it too her..  isn't it funny how we see things differently on a photograph... she was pleasantly surprised and decided it was perfect for her old antique chair, what do you think? I think it's fabulous... it might need a small border, Foxy Margaret will try it for size on her chair and then decide what to do, good idea.

Chris The Good Foot... we could give her a very loud "Toot Toot" you know as she has finished all of her Tennessee Waltz blocks and all of her Snowball blocks... not only that... she's ahead of schedule!! She's coming to Caverswall Quilt Cave on Friday to start putting the rows together.. how exciting. See her notes on the paper, that's from when she was totting up to see exactly how far she still had to go.
Arty Janet knew what she wanted to make. She had in idea of how to do it and how it would work. We had a little 'conflab' (that's 'discussion' in gobble-de-gook and spell check doesn't like it!!) at the last meeting and the cutting all went exactly as we had predicted... wonderful, the piecing is way more complicated though, the long, thin pointy bits on the stars and all the bias edges, then there's the quarter inches to calculate... this is going to be stunning.. as soon as the easy way is figured out!
Maggie's quilt, all ready for pinning. She made a fabulous backing using up loads of little squares that she had left over from making the borders and one spare pieced block... I'll get a picture of the back for you next time... I should tell you that this picture is terrible, the quilt top is made with coffee browns and creams with hints of gorgeous orange... not yellow-y at all, it's the lights in the hall playing havoc with my camera, which I use on automatic, he he he.
Wendy's project looks a little too yellow also, but it is anything but yellow-y in real life... it's very bright and happy... this is only one of the quilts Wendy's made since the Katharine Guerrier workshop. She made this sandwich in preparation for the quilting... she might have sandwiched both quilt tops if her quilters safety pins were not all used up in two other project sandwiches... also waiting to be quilted!! How unusual is that? tee hee
Remember this? 'Sunny Side up', Beryl only made the sandwich last time she came and today she brought it in to our Quilt Cave, as she put it... "to prove that she does finish stuff". She quilted with wavy lines which are perfect for the top... it has a very cool 3D label, so you see, it really, really is finished... we can't consider our work finished until it has a label now, can we? hey, I always add labels to my quilts, eventually, but I won't tell if you choose not to, I might just mention it on my little blog though, ha ha ha! 
Arty Beryl has actually finished two quilts, both have labels.

 I hope you can see that Berly used the Faux Piped Binding I was showing to the ladies a few days ago, tutorial here if you missed it. For this quilt I've taken photos of both back and front so as to, hopefully, show you her quilting... we had the idea, obviously I was inspired by a blog somewhere, now forgotten, anyway, I was trying to describe it to Beryl and she, being a member of the very arty people group... ran with the idea... like ordinance survey maps.. that's how I described it to her actually... isn't it wonderful, so liberated!... ooooh... fun, fun, fun.

We meet again on Friday 24th June, 10am - 3pm, as usual. We have bookings for our tables so there will likely be more sandwiches to show to you... I'll try to do something about the yellow-y-ness (spell check, hello!)

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Maggi said...

The log cabin quilt looks so dimensional - rather like attic windows.