Thursday, 2 June 2011

Caverswall Quilt Cave

Chris The Foot gave me the 'go ahead' to show you her secret project. She's making it using Eleanor Burns' book Tennessee Waltz and it is looking wonderful. Chris spends all her spare time making up blocks, it's going to be a large double bed size, I think she said that she needs 68 more blocks... good luck Chris!
Gilly, our 'egg lady', was very taken by Foxy Margaret's braid piecing the other week so she's set her Grandma's Garden quilt to one side while she has a go at making one... four actually, this won't be made into a quilt though... Gilly has another project in mind... watch this space!
We had two lovely new ladies join us. Annette is a friend of Annie Pie, she only popped in to see what quilting is all about... aha! not long into our morning before she purchased fabric, borrowed my cutting equipment and my sewing machine... and she started the trusty beginner project... Railfence, with 2 1/2" strips so it can be made into a baby quilt... I think she'll be back next time as she took to it very well and had the centre almost finished by the end of our day.
The other new lady is Linda, she came with boxes of 'just in case I need it' fabrics... she's not messing about... she purchased her set of cutting equipment from my Table Top Shop, wadding on the side and set to... I suspect we are going to see great things from Linda. She's been teaching her very own self from a book and has almost finished a fabulous sampler quilt... The Railfence will teach her more 'basics'...  after that, there'll be no stopping her!
Annie Pie made a sandwich using a quilt top that she'd made especially for practicing her free motion quilting. That's not exactly why she made it but hey... she's pleasing her very own self (PMS).. something very much encouraged in our Quilt Cave... anyway, back to the plot... Annie wanted to make something easy using these lovely bright greens and pinks, we decided on a Bento Box, it doesn't come much easier than that! She whipped up a practice block during the last hour, the quilt top will probably be finished by Friday.. yes... I know that is only tomorrow... this is Annie Pie we are talking about! ha ha
Vera... she's a lady who joins us most Wednesday afternoons. She's made some beautiful patchwork things in her life, everything hand pieced. She wants to remember how to sew again now... struck with the early stages of dementia she remembers how she loved to stitch... it's all quite sad, but she makes small improvements each week and, as you will know, a quilt group is about sooooooo much more than the stitches, she's settled in very well... but she hasn't forgotten her love of fabrics... not at all! We're starting off with larger pieces as they are easier for Vera to see, this friendship star block will be made into a cushion soon enough... there's really no rush.
Mum finished her "Back To Basics" quilt. If you remember she wanted to perfect her piecing skills. In the pattern, this quilt doesn't have a border... this one's not going to have a border either... but Mum's not sure she likes the idea... she was hesitating and auditioning fabrics.. sometimes we just have to take the plunge and try new things... well make a sandwich with it, get it quilted and see how she feels, if she still wants a border.. we will add it.. we can do that with these nifty new thing we learn from t'Internet.
Foxy Margaret has been making more Log Cabin blocks at home, she's not sure there is enough contrast but I'm thinking it looks fabulous. The finished, throw size quilt is going to be placed on an antique chair, now... I'm no design guru... but I think it's going to be perfect, what do you think?
Lots of the ladies were trimming up their Half Square triangles at the Quilt Cave... in readiness for tomorrow... I aren't positive but I think these belong to Irene, each lady needs 32 of these along with lots of other fabulous fabrics. Today's photos were taken by My Mum (Gwynneth) as I didn't have a spare moment, Thank You Mum! Patchwork & Quilting is such a visual sport, don't you agree? he he he.
Tomorrow we have our workshop with Katharine Guerrier so Caverswall Quilt Cave won't be able to let you join us to play. Soon I will be taking bookings for Dawn Cameron Dick's workshop in October... not that there's much room on that list... the ladies have already been securing their places!

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