Saturday, 11 June 2011

Caverswall Quilt Cave

Maid Marion was pushed to her limits, he he he. We only had a few ladies for our stitchy fun day, holiday season always does this, and each lady was happy to stitch along not needing any help from me... poor Marion! I stayed with her for most of the day... I can't wait to see what this quilt will look like you see. I cut strips, Marion sliced them into squares drew the diagonal lines on the lighter ones... we paired and pinned them up, Marion stitched either side of the line...
I pressed them and sliced them and paired them with others and sent them back for more stitching.. boy did we make progress... millions and millions of half square triangles turned into Hour Glass blocks... OK, not millions actually, but I bet it felt like it to poor Marion... oh, it was fun, for me! No... I must tell you that Marion was thrilled too, she's loving this project and asked whether I would go home with her so we could carry on! ha ha ha
Chris The Foot exceeded her weekly goal by one block, making a total of 11 for this week. She has loads of Half Square Triangles made from the bits that the book says "cut off", and you know Eleanor Burns just chucks them over her shoulder!... Chris was cunning and used the Quiltville method of sewing a second line before cutting the excess away... hence the HST's... we played with them and came up with some great designs, well, two at least! ha ha ha... she wanted to get on with her production line sewing so I was shoooo-ed back to Marion.
Shirley Lerly spent the day quilting and finished all of her Ditch Hopping (Stitching In The Ditch) this meant that the quilt was now stable so all the pins could come out... so, she was able to make a start on the more curvey part of her quilting... Shirley decided to draw some guide lines to help her get going, nothing wrong with that, PMS remember... always encouraged here! (that's "Please My Self"... if you're new to this blog)
Gilly also spent her day quilting and only needed a little guidance as to decide what design would be best but fastest to do. This project will be a helmet back pack and needs to be in the post as soon as possibubble... I don't see a problem with that as Gilly had it almost finished by the end of our day, as it was a quiet day there was only myself distracting people, he he he, I think she only needed to sew the two bits together when she went home.
Dotty did tell me how many Half Square Triangles she had trimmed up... it was more than 150... I'm thinking she said 180 something. She doesn't much care for the scrappy quilts... wooooops I should say she didn't used to care for them... she's making a big quilt now to carry on with the Katharine Guerrier project she started at the workshop last week... I love Scrappy quilts, don't you?... Dotty still isn't convinced, but there's time yet.
Barbie turned up bright and early loaded down with everything she needed for her day... except her sewing machine! Oh, she's not the first lady to do that, an easy thing to miss with all the stuff we have to hump around as machine stitchers... one advantage of hand piecing is everything fits into one little bag... not having a machine was not a problem as I had a trusty Bernina on hand. She managed to
quilt almost all of the centre blocks, I think there were only three not done at home time. Barbie was very pleased with the way the quilting design looked on the funky backing... there's still plenty of stitching to do yet, but good progress was made, wonderful!
We meet again on Wednesday 15th June & Friday 17th June.
Please note that "Table Top Shop, wadding now under the table" will be at Caverswall Village Hall on Wednesday 15th & Wednesday 22nd, full and complete BUT on Friday 17th & Friday 24th, I will be using a smaller vehicle so, although there will still be a lot to choose from, some things might have to be left at home, this disruption will happen because Dave has two full weekend flying shows to attend and will be using my (our) big van. If there's something specific you need, please let me know ahead of time if you can.

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