Sunday, 29 May 2011

Caverswall Quilt Cave, One Year On....

Exactly one year ago I moved our fun stitchy days into Caverswall Village Hall. So many beautiful quilts have been made in our first year. Soon after starting the Fridays, I had to start a second day because there were so many ladies wanting to join us, as you know, that's our Wednesday meetings. 
My Table Top Shop, wadding on the side has blossomed, it started off as plastic box with spare needles for the sewing machines!  Take a look back at this date 2010... it's rather amusing to look back.... We love everything about our Quilt Cave Patchwork & Quilting meetings and  Kettle Corner just adds to the pleasure!

Do you have UFO's at home waiting to be made into sandwiches?
Do you often wish you didn't have to make your quilt sandwich by crawling round on the floor?
Do you put off quilting your project because you don't have space to make your sandwich?
Angie to the rescue...well sort of.... don't get too excited!!!
I'm not suggesting that I do it for you but what I can offer is the table top space.... If you don't want to come to spend a day having fun, stitching with fellow quilters but you would love to use our tables to make a sandwich... do it! !.....Come make your sandwiches at Caverswall Village Hall.
All you have to do is email, or call me, to tell me you how many tables you need so I can put them ready for you.
Is this not a brilliant idea????


Becky said...

Oh I wish I could! I have several waiting to be sandwiched in a tub. I always LOVE reading about you and the ladies fun times together over there. I need to join a group here but right now can't afford the yearly fee to join. Maybe one day. And you all keep having a blast - I LOVE READING ABOUT IT!

Fifinha said...

I´m very happy for you Angela, i´m glad to see that you moved on your dreams...
Miss you Angel