Saturday 29 May 2010

All Day Sewing

What a fantastic hall, we had so much room to work, at least 2 tables each and as many chairs as we needed to store stuff on, and Brenda Barbara loves filling chairs! he he he
The kitchen is great, the light is perfect, it has good access for the disabled, even special parking right by the door..... ..oh yes.... we're staying here!!!
I've booked Caverswall Village Hall for our future Friday Sewing Days, we have room for many more quilters.... it works out cheaper too! There is a small stage, so we might even get some guest speakes to entertain us in the future.... I'm very excited about the future of this.... can you tell? he he he, We should practice by having our 'Show & Tell' on the stage, he he he.

Shirley Lerly didn't have to move everyone off their worktables to make a sandwich... we just got 3 more tables out of the cupboard!! Great quilt eh!
Brenda Barbara has started her next quilt. She's going to make a sofa throw....
with the Chunky Churndash pattern, these are two of her blocks laid out so we could choose which one we liked best... difficult decision...
Joan The Shop was very chic, matching her clothes to her next project... accidentally of course...
so, her next project is the Log Cabin (Lilly's Colours) this easy design is very popular and each quilt looks so different with all the different colour choices.
Messy Maureen turned up to surprise us, she told me she was going to take a break from our meetings so she could enjoy the outdoors in our lovely weather... but she's been three times since then, he he he, proof that our quilty days are too much fun to miss?... me thinks so! Maureen is working on small gifts to sell for charity... today... loo roll covers, very useful.
Maureen wants to start making Christmas things to sell for charity so if you have any Christmas fabrics that you don't want any more, she will be happy to take them from you.

We were treated to "Show & Tell" all provided by Joan The Shop. I have alread received a lot of e-mails about Joan's hexagon quilt while she has been working on it, I think it's a 'people's favourite', the centre is all old, recycled fabric, hand pieced the traditional way, papers and all.... the borders are super modern batiks, machine pieced. The whole thing has been machine quilted... mixing up methods???.... we don't let the quilt police bother us!!!
this is the label we came up with, it's a twist on the wedding thing/ditty, something old, something blue, something borrowed, something blue... you know the one... I love Joan's version! I bet you love it too eh?
Alicia's Peppa Pig quilt... Joan has learned soooo much making this quilt. from piecing "fudginess" to free motion quilting, applique techniques to colour and fabric content... a lotalot of learning... and fun!
and what a great backing. Alicia has been using this quilt and is absolutely loving it, she's not quite 2 years old, Joan has photos of her grand daughter fast asleep in this pink, pink, pink Peppa Pig quilt!


Sew Create It - Jane said...

It took me a minute...but I recognize that hall! It is literally a 5 minute drive from my in-laws! LOL I've been there for a few family dos! It is a great space. Now I just have to work out you can take care of the kids and I can come and join you :o)

Birte said...

Hi "Joan the shop"
uuuuuuuhhhhhh I love your fabric.