Tuesday 25 May 2010

My Portuguese Tiles

Right, that's the centre done. Looking good eh?
As you can see I found a perfect fabric for my first border, it has lots of different shades of blue flecks on it.... but then production stopped, for hours, and a few more hours.
After pulling out loads different fabric for audition and mulling over way too many ideas, I made my decision....
I didn't like any one fabric as a border, so it has to be pieced.
All the pieced borders I considered were just looking too regimental... so, out came my favourite Marsha Block Party book of 9" blocks and I will be working on making loads of different ones (about 22) over the next few days, traditional piecing..... even the triangles!
I'm going to make them "by the book"... no shortcutting... back to basics.
Look out blue pile... I'm coming back in!!! ha ha ha

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Birte said...

Hi Angie
You must have some really nice friends.
Love birte