Wednesday 19 May 2010

Uttoxeter Quilt Class

Sometimes the room we hire, at the Bank House Hotel, looks like a mini sweat shop. This meeting was no exception. AJ (Angela that's not me) quilted her Log Cabin, none stop!.. the centre logs are done and she started on the Saw Tooth border blocks... I have to tell you that she is extreeeemely good at stitching in the ditch!
Dotty Maureen finished off the free motion quilting on one quilt project then sandwiched this Hungry Caterpillar one and quilted that too. She recently discovered a new baby will be arriving soon and these quilts are perfect for such occasions, great for practicing free motion too... babies never check out your stitching! ha ha ha
Giggly Gillian worked on her Chunky Churndash blocks. Each one will have a cat in the centre with paw print fabric framing it, each block will have different coloured corners. She needs 18 of these blocks and 18 hour glass blocks... lots of homework!
Jenni treated herself to a full day of hand quilting without fighting the cats off her quilt, which is what happens when she stitches at home.... the trouble with quilts is that they are so soft and snuggley for sleeping in! he he he... I think the pussycats are just telling Jenni that the quilt will be theirs, whether she likes it or not!
Messy Maureen trimmed up her Liberated Scrappy quilt, made the binding and machine stitched it in place, the hand stitching will be done at home. Just a label to add and then she can start her next project, which will be small things to sell for charity fund raising.

We meet again on Tuesday 25th May. There will be one spare table so we have room for one more quilty chum....

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