Sunday 9 May 2010

Jennie Rayment, ha ha ha!

This is Jennie Rayment, the Queen of Fiddling & Twiddling. I have decided not to tell you too much about her presentation at Rocheberie yesterday. The clothes she is wearing here were made by Jennie. The quilt she is holding is three dimensional with fiddled and twiddles flowers.... the quilt in the background is a Sudoku game, absolutely brilliant close up!

There are two reasons for my decision not to tell all.... I will share these few pictures of her quilts with you, I know we all love quilty photos!

My main reason for not sharing is that it would spoil it for you if ever you got the chance to go listen to her..... and you will have chance if you live in Staffordshire, she will be up here soon... at the SPQ meeting, mark your diary for the 2nd September!!

the second reason for my selfish none sharing... I could never describe it! I am lost for words, my sides still ache and my eyes are sore from wiping away the tears... of laughter!!!!

It will be enough for you to know that you will laugh until it hurts! 'til you cry! till you almost have to run to the bathroom!!!!

Yes it was that funny.... Her quilts are stunning, detailed and different... she shows them to you and drops them on the floor in front of her, she allows as many photos as you would like to take, if you can remember to take them while you are being entertained!!!!!

Oh, you just had to be there... you have to, have to, have to go see her!


Sew Create It - Jane said...

I've been privileged enough to hear Jennie speak twice and I can honestly say one could never tire of listening to her. She is not only a talent quilter but a fantastic comedic speaker.

Lynda said...

A perfect description of Jennie (and her quilts!) She could easily make a living as a stand-up comedian, so if you like laughing and quilts, she's a real treat!

Clare Wassermann said...

I live near Staffordshire - what is SPQ? Can you give me a contact it looks such fun!!