Saturday 1 May 2010

Forsbrook Quilt Group

Five ladies, including yours truly... so that's four projects/work of art to take pictures of, even I can do that much maths... but.... this is the only photo that I can share this week, sorry.
It's Brenda Barbara swapping from her walking foot to the thinner foot ready to finish the edges of her fabulous sofa cushions which she is very happy with.... all three of them, so much so, they will all have fluffy new cushion pads bought 'specially for them!
I can't share the other pictures, Dotty Maureen was working on her secret project and every picture I took was showing clues... big clues... I couldn't crop them off without spoiling the pictures ... so this week in Forsbrook will remain a mystery for you all....
Holiday season has started so Joan The Shop is off to France and poor Brenda Barbara has to work to cover someone's holiday... on her favourite day of the week??!.. this means that we have spare tables for next week... want to come join the fun?
Friday 7th May (May... already?) 10 am to 3pm (give or take), he he he

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hetty said...

Hi Angela, I was hoping to come along to tomorrows group, but, alas, I must revise for my exams!!! Mum and Dad got to France with no unexpected suprises and all is well, although I did hear him complain at all the quilting stuff he had to find room for in the car !! Hee hee. See you all soon and THANKYOU, Ill bring cake when I come to the group next time xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx