Friday 7 May 2010

Forsbrook Quilt Group

Deserted for lunch break... we're getting very posh now.. we move to a dining table instead of using 6 inches in front of our machines... he he he, doesn't this room look like we have fun?
This is Shirley Lerly, patting her Chunky Churndash blocks with pride 'cause they're looking so good..... she got most of them joined up 'rowly' and is planning the purchasing of fabric for her next project.
AJ (Angela that's not me) has done lots of homework, all her Saw Tooth blocks are finished and she's now joining all the blocks 'rowly' I bet we make a sandwich next Tuesday!
Me!! helping Messy Maureen square up her scrappy blocks, lots of requests for a picture of me , so now I please you?? ha ha ha
Almost finished.... 12 blocks, 4 x 3. A lovely sofa throw for Messy Maureen to snuuuuugle up to on these chilly evenings. This will be another sandwich job very soon.... can you believe she still has some of that flippin' blue stripe design fabric left for the next project... I can't!

Some of us are off on a road trip tomorrow and I'm super excited, we will be 'Twiddling and Fiddling'... I'll try to get a few piccys to show you just how much fun we have... fun?.... that starts in the car at 8am!

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