Saturday 15 May 2010

Forsbrook Quilt Group

Messy Maureen spent the day quilting her scrappy quilt. Maureen is a Liberated Quilter and pleases herself what she does, no quilt police are ever going to intimidate her... "it's all about the fun making it" ..... I think that is brilliant!
Shirley Lery has the centre of her top finished, time to add the borders.... here you can see her using my special "Chin" manoeuvre, I invented it to help make borders fit! he he he, take my word for it... it works very well!!!

Shirley Lerly will be making a Log Cabin quilt for her next project, not the lilly's Colours, a traditional one in these lovely fabrics. They were influenced by a clothing designer... can't remember the name now but the 'young uns' love it!

We meet again next Friday, 21st May, when Joan The Shop will be back from her holidays. She sent a postcard to tell me she was going fabric shopping... he he he what a great holiday!

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