Monday 31 May 2010

Uttoxeter Quilt Class

Well... you will all be quite pleased to know that the first thing we did in class was to make another sandwich for Liz... that very, VERY phoofy batting/wadding turned out to be a devil to quilt. Their fabulous Bernina Aurora was OK with the actual stitching but the batting/wadding was so thick, it was impossible to manoeuvre... just as I said it would be... (I confess... I'm grinning!!)
Ian got out their new camera which proved to be very useful in documenting the event...

Both students eventually settled down to their quilting, after a few minutes discussing various possible designs and how to.
The next projects are already being thought about... Ian is designing his own quilt using my EQ5, so that should be very exciting.
We meet again on Sunday 20th June, 10am - 3pm
I wonder whether these quilts will be finished by then? Either way, I will be teaching my favourite (not!) Paper Piecing.

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