Tuesday 18 May 2010

Big Quilted Panel Bags

Shirley Lerly brought her fabrics to me and asked me to make her Big Quilted Bag, not that she couldn't make one...... The thing is... she has already created a list of quilts to make for everyone she ever met (he he he, I do exaggerate!) anyway.... she doesn't want to halt production to make a Big Bag all by her very own self....
and seeing as I am such a kind soul (this halo is getting heavy!) I accepted the request and called it "A Commission Sew"... it sounds good though eh!.... on the inside, a richer bright green complements the outer fabrics perfectalilly. I never thought I would enjoy making bags but these are so easy! ... can you see how neat it is?
Birte made her Big Quilted Panel Bag yesterday... she now has matching luggage for her quilty outings. I bet the ladies in Birte's new quilty group will want their luggage to be chic too, when they see it.
Birte told me that she had bought this fabric because she really liked it and when she got home she decided that she had no clue as to what she would do with it... good job I came to the rescue eh, ha ha ha!

I am going to polish my halo now ready for the Uttoxeter class in an hour.

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