Wednesday 26 May 2010

Uttoxeter Quilt Class

AJ' (Angela that's not me) finished quilting her project... she trimmed it, cut binding strips, joined them and machine stitched them to the quilt. The hand stitching will be done at home, cosily, in front of the TV. AJ needed to make another Mat & Ruler bag.... unfortunately she bought a new mat and it's quite a bit bigger than her old one... doesn't fit in the original bag... good job they are fun to make eh!

Messy Maureen's Scrappy quilt is finished. She had hand stitched her binding down at home, she is very proud of her quilt... and rightly so! She made a label and strategically placed it to cover a small repaired tear in the backing, we quilters are so cunning aren't we?

.... this is the back if it (see the clever label placement?), what great fabric for backing. Each picture is different and, after studying the pictures, Dotty Maureen noticed that each one was a proverb... like, "you can lead a quilter to fabric and for sure she will sew"??? ha ha ha..... no that's not right... it was "leading a horse to water but he doesn't want a drink... you know what I mean, oh, please forgive me for amusing myself...!! ha ha ha

Jenni finished hand quilting on the Saw Tooth border triangles, she is adding a bit more machine quilting to the main blocks now (with her fabulous Bernina Aurora sewing computer) ... she's on the home straight!
I do declare that I heard Jenni say that this quilt will be finished next week, woooo hoooo.

I work really hard to try to make, and keep my blog interesting... I can't tell you how big my happy smile was when Lizzie pulled out her pattern to make a new bag!!! it was printed off from my bag tutorial... very proud!! I have to go somewhere to learn how to make printer friendly pages though, poor Lizzie has all the side bar bits on the pattern too, he he he... sorry Lizzie.

.. anyway, she didn't seem too bothered. This bag is going to be a gift for a friend so there is a bit of a hurry for it, once all the cutting was done, the sandwiches made and the handles were stitched, Lizzie took the rest home to quilt and finish... great colours for a bag me thinks.

Lizzie's husband/chauffeur/house boy... came to collect her and was very happy to have this picture taken with proud Lizzie and her Pineapple Blossom quilt sandwich... I bet he didn't think about how he will be neglected while she quilts it! he he he.

Sadly.... We don't meet again now until June.... which is NEXT WEEK!!!!
Tuesday 1st June, 10am - 3pm.


JoeConner said...

What a great photo:) Thanks for posting Angie!

Clare said...

Lovely French Toile fabric.