Sunday 16 May 2010

Philippa Naylor Workshop

Don't you just love this quilt?
Those bits that look like white blotches are diamonds!! (maybe even.... real diamonds, he he he) Philippa dyes all her own fabrics so she can get all the shades and colours exactly how she wants them.... oh it's sooooooo lovely. I know it's not every ones 'cup o tea', but you can't help but appreciate the work in it.. and that's before you even look at her quilting and trapunto!

The workshop was Curved Piecing.
I was very quiet and concentrated all day, (yes Mum, ALL DAY!) and managed to produce this block.... I've placed it on top of that busy fabric, it needs a couple more borders yet.... I shall blow my own trumpet now... didn't I do well!!!! I am so impressed with myself, he he he. It was really hard to concentrate and be quiet though.....

This is the room we used, 26 ladies came to the workshop, it was very quiet, everyone concentrating, even Miss Philippa commented on the silence...
I took this picture from my work station, you can see it was a lovely big light room, I was right by the tea counter... When I say the tea counter...
Just look at it, all those cakes!!!! that's Miss Philippa, she was asked to choose her cake first, as guest of honour, she couldn't make up her mind.... The catering was brilliant... I took my quilty mug along so I didn't use the very posh china, saves worrying about accidents, he he he... Apparently the SPQ meetings are famous for their catering, cakes in particular! You can see why can't you!


Birte said...

Hi Angie
You really can be impressed of yourself. That is really nice, and without talking, only concentrating for houers!!!!!
Good girl
Love birte

Sew Create It - Jane said...

You did a fantastic job on that block...I love the floral fabric with really compliments the plains.