Monday 24 May 2010

Uttoxeter Quilt Group

Liz making a sandwich with her very phoofy batting/wadding.... "it was such a bargain find" she says, I did tell her that it might cause her a few problems but this lady knows what she wants so.... we sandwiched it. It is very soft so lets wait and see how she gets on with the quilting....
Ian made his sandwich with 80/20 batting/wadding.... playing safe? No, they didn't have enough for him to use the phoofy bargain stuff... I think he should consider himself very lucky, he he he, for sure he will find it much, much easier to work with!
It was a very, very hot day, the room stayed cool all morning and as the sun came round in the afternoon it warmed up a treat, so much so that Ian ran out to buy ice-cream for all of us... very refreshing!
Giggly Gillian joined us for a while too, she needed to play on her new Bernina!!

We will meet again next Sunday, 30th May 10am - 3pm, would you like to join us? I can't promise ice-cream though! ha ha ha

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