Saturday, 4 September 2010

Jennie Rayment Workshop

We had a full house.... We had excellent instruction from Jennie......
28 ladies from all over Staffordshire, all chatting whilst hard at work... hardly time for a visit to Kettle Corner... and Kettle Corner is not used to that!
All keeping up as Jennie wandered around to give a helping hand, she's very good at this workshop business you know! Such a wonderful day....
Here's only a few examples of colour choices, there were soooooo many!

For once... I have few words... I leave it all to the photos, suffice to say, we had an absoluuuuuutely briiiiiiiiiiilliant day... you just had to have been there!
We're going to have Jennie come again....!

Our next 'NORMAL' gathering will be Wednesday 8th September 10am - 3pm, and Kettle Corner is sure to be busy again!


Quinta da Quilter said...


Birte said...

It looks absolutely wonderfull. Wish I could have been there.
Love birte

Elizabeth said...

Such a success! And I really enjoyed Jenny's tassles... hehehe!