Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Caverswall Quilt Cave

Joan The Shop is going to make her Jennie Rayment project into a cushion. It's going to have a purple inner border followed by a stunning custard-y yellow fabric... I know it sounds awful... just wait till you see it!
Irene is on the home straight with her second Jennie project, Twitch Twiddle & Tweak, I think it was called... she will be an expert soon eh....

Annie made a sandwich... woooo hooooo. After much considering and quite a few 'cuppa teas' she decided to try this star design.. it's going to look great.. hope you can see the quilting, click and get closer?
Shirley Lerly and her daughter Lizy are both making this popular Christmas tree, "sticky stuffing" the pieces onto the background gives instant gratification... now to applique it all with fabulous gold thread... 'twill be impressive me thinks.... both of them!
Joan The Shop only has a few more 6" Daizie blocks to make now, all for the borders... these little ones seem to take forever to put together... but well worth the effort and fiddle.
This makes me smile... Bento Boxers! Lacey Anne has been busy with applique adding interest to a few of the filler blocks, again... please click on the picture for a closer look....
Arty Beryl quilted a whole lap size quilt today... once she finished that she continued to work on her Christmas stockings... believe me... she will be ready in plenty of time... and they are gorgeous! She loves playing with the fancy stitches.
Gilly has changed tactics a little bit... in place of making one block at a time she's going to work on all of the blocks at the same time... once all the centres have their first border, she will move on to the next 'job'... I like to work this way too... it helps with accuracy I find... though it may very well not work for you.... we're allowed to be different eh!
Helen is on target to complete her commission quilts in time.. just three more weeks to the deadline. She had a bit of a fight with the gold thread but was rescued by Lacey Ann, who had some of a better quality to share.
Chris is back to making these lovely blocks for her Tennessee Waltz wedding quilt... just as well as there are only eleven months to go before it has to be finished....
There were other things going on too, but with my Mum away on holiday, (it's her birthday today!) I don't seem to have pictures of every one's work... no matter, there's already lots here to inspire you isn't there.

We meet again in Caverswall Village Hall on Friday 24th, 10am - 3pm. My shop will be open too so if you need anything, like wadding or thread, pop in... kettle corner will be happy to see you.
Oh, I know my photos are all smaller than usual, there was a box to tick but I missed it..... if you click on the pictures though, they grow so you can see everything in better detail

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