Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Uttoxeter Quilt Class

Giggly Gillian is very happy with how her blocks are turning out. All the centres have fabric with a little black swirly design and the background will be the with the small red-ish bits, the Churndashes (plural could be Churndi?? ha ha ha) will be a mixture of lots fabrics but all basically this salmon-y colour... kind of "all the same but different".... he he he
Messy Maureen has a new project. The batik style picture blocks were a great find in a 'job lot' box of fabrics, framed with this lilac sheeting they look great. The blue blocks in between represent the sea, says Maureen, a very arty-farty statement I thought... he he he
Jenni finished her quilting and made the binding, machined it on then hand stitched some of it on the back, she'll finish it as homework. Next time we meet she will make a tree...A Christmas tree wall hanging... Like??...
Like this one that Giggly Gillian made, a very quick project, so quick in fact that this is Gillian's second one. It's from a book that belongs to Dotty Maureen called
Simply Christmas. Gillian has used tiny beads to embellish her tree, they finish it of perfectly. Jenni has plans to the same from her extensive bead collection.. can't wait to see it.

We meet again on Tuesday 21st September at The Bank House in Uttoxeter, 10am - 3pm... when the church bells chime to shock us about the time! Where does all the time go on a quilty day? for sure, it passes faster than on any other day!

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Love the Box quilt

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