Friday, 3 January 2020

Stitching News

Festive panels for stockings and advent calendars, are always available in my very own shop... all year long! Fabric companies produce them every year as they are very popular. They can be made up lick-etty-split, you don't have to be a brilliant stitcher to make them as they are easy and can even be sewn by hand ... 
Or ... You can take your very own time making them, with beautiful and plentiful stitching and quilting, lovely embroidery and embellishments and even over the top twinkles, sequins and general blinging... if that's your thing, it's all allowed. 
In an effort to encourage you to get started with Christmas prep, ready for Sewing Prevention Season 2020 (Ouch!!... how very dare I???) I will keep them displayed in my shop for January and I will have wadding pieces cut just the right size for you!
Our Christabelle made a beautifully quilted Christmas Stocking, before Christmas of course (I'm trying to catch up!) She quilted lots of the printed design lines and around the snowmen and presents... they pooofed up lovely! Hanging loop ready and waiting... this will be an Heirloom in the future. It's Fabulous and finished, so you know what that means...Toot toot toot Chris. 

This is Rose's latest Kiddo gifting project. The design is a Pattern Mash-Up. Rose took inspiration from her pattern collection and the black Labrador that lives in the same house as the arriving baby, then she chose to use elements from a few of her patterns. I'm pretty sure this one is for a little girl baby, it's cute eh?
 Secret sewing can be tricky, trying to hide evidence from nosy folk at home can be difficult. Quilt-As-You-Go blocks are great and once you have them all made, they are quilted!... and you will feel like you are on the home straight... but joining them all together can take much longer than you expect, especially if you want it all accurate. Kate had a last minute panic with this quilt. She started it in very good time to get it finished for gifting... but you know how life takes over!...All housework and general chores were put on one side for the marathon to the finishing line and she won. Gifted just in the nick of time... toot toot toot Kate, a fabulous and finished triumph.

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