Monday, 13 January 2020

A Place For Everything

Everyone had a good day on Saturday. It's the best fun, sewing in the company of like minded folk.
There are lots of components and new skills needed to making the A Place For Everything case. Right from the cutting out of all the pieces it can be tricky... That's what we think, it's all pretty simple, once you know how... just for a fear of doing it wrong really... everyone managed to make good progress, with the help of Our Carol. 
We have a few ladies who have already attended a couple of workshops and a few that just started out on Saturday... whatever speed you want to work at, Carol accommodates.
Here are pictures of progress, it's interesting to see all the different fabric and colour choices too.

Chef Chris sent the menu for Sunday Funday Sewday 26th January...

Beef Chilli, served with Rice and Sour Cream
followed by
Orange and Cardamon Sponge with Custard.
Have you booked?

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