Thursday, 2 January 2020

Sewing Prevention Season.

We are almost on the other side.... 
My shop is still in pause mode (not open) until Monday 6th.
I hope you have all managed to have a little fun? Even though sewing is the most fun and you have no doubt, not stitched anything at all for many days... I certainly have not! 
Every year I think Next Year will surely be much better... It never actually gets better. I've decided to plan ahead for next year... I'm planning on having my worst Sewing Prevention Season EVER!!! (with fingers crossed that this extremely negative approach will work, ha ha ha)

 This fun and cute little Santa Pot, complete with winter plant, was a gift to me and fit perfectly on this ancient Foundation Paper Pieced Table Topper. I failed to notice that the pot is meant to live outside and when I added a spot of water, it ran straight through the big hole in the bottom! He's outside fending for his very own self now, Table Topper washed and sorted!!
In the Art To Heart book, Windsome Baby  Available in my very own shop!... There are lots of lovely things, including lovely cubes.
Last year, before March actually... when Faye was still a little baby and going to have her first birthday, I had the urge and decided to make the cubes.
I got as far as tracing the letters and cutting out the 'Sticky Stuff'', (I used Steam A Seam 2 Light) All letters and animal bits (the cubes in the book have animals with 3D detail) were placed in a folder as 'good prep'.
Fast forward almost a whole year and Faye is now a toddler, soon to be 2 and another baby is coming, I thought I had better get on with it. Just before Sewing Prevention Season, after the Bauble quilt was finished and gifted, I cracked on. Snatching every spare moment for prep and kitting up because, luckily, we had a Sunday Funday Sewday on December 1st and another little and rather luxurious sewing retreat at Alison House on the 8th- 10th, so much progress was made.
Fabulous and Finished, just in the nick of time... and already gifted...
I did make a more simple version of the lovely cubes... no animals with 3D bits and with different letters and the cubes are a bit smaller size, as I used a pre-cut Angie's Safari Life Six Pack Available in my very own shop!!! ... My cubes are not really like the originals at all, but the seed of the idea was most definitely from the book.

Moda fabrics from the Safari Life collection...
Yes, I have them in stock.

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