Friday, 31 January 2020

Silly Me, Only Trying To Help.

Merrily was 'merrily' hand stitching her project... 
It's a tiny bag from a Japanese project book. 
It has tiny applique detail... that's the bit Merrily was stitching... 
I was looking over her shoulder, and I thought,
"What a lovely neat job, but it must be very tricky to get tiny stitches with such a large needle..." 
I mentioned my thought to Merrily... and she said 
"I probably wouldn't be able to sew with a smaller needle than this one"... 
At which point she turned to me to continue the conversation.
In doing so, she pulled the project from under the magnifying lens, which  I had been looking through!!! 
What a twit I am, the needle was very tiny!
I always try to help... 
Sometimes, just sometimes, I look rather daft! ha ha ha

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