Friday, 24 January 2020

Stitching News

Gail finished all of the quilting and tied off all the ends so it was binding time... stitched by machine on the front and hand stitching for the back, the traditional way. Most of us enjoy hand stitching the binding, but we can please our very own selves how we do it.

Christabelle is doing a lot of quilting on this beautiful and fabulously bright project... It takes a lot of patience to tie off all of those threads but sometimes we just have to do it, to get the fantastic results we desire, if we desire them that is.

New Sue started a new project. It's a Two Block quilt from one of her many Jelly Roll books. She experimented with a few different methods to achieve the same end result and chose her favourite way... now to repeat this block a few times.

Princess Jackie is delighted to have finished her Table Runner, just the top. As you know she prefers applique! The little units are only 2 inches each so she's had to use her 'noggin' to get them spot on... it worked, so it's sandwich time.

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