Monday 3 May 2021

Stitching News

 Thank you for the pictures once again.....

Wowsers!!! Sporty Sue made this.... It's foundation paper piecing, the freezer paper method. Such accurate pointy points!!! well done Our Sue. She's doing the Quilt Along with The Quilt Show. 

These cushions were made by Sister Susie. She had started making the Quilt-As-You-Go blocks for a quilt a while ago and during the Covid year without classes in my shop, she decided to make the blocks into cushions. Toot toot toot Susie... you are so kind to have gifted them too.

Brenda Barbara finished her quilt top before the end of last year, It's a great design for using up scraps. She had been waiting for my shop to open so she could make a sandwich... Oooops, then we went into lockdown... It was going on too long so I offered to make the sandwich for Brenda... I do need to keep my customer sewing!! 

Our Pam had the pleasure of my special sandwich making service too. These little Teddies have 3D ears, very cute indeedy. Now Pam can get on with the quilting.

During the very dry and sunny couple of weeks we've just enjoyed, Pam was able to use her lawn as a cutting table, ha ha ha, needs must... this will be the back of her next quilt, a huuuuuuge sandwich will need to be made!

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