Friday, 16 April 2021

Stitching News

 Thank you for the pictures once again ladies. I took some pictures with my perfect purple camera, which thought it had retired, ha ha ha

Another turtle sandwich, this belongs to Our Pam. We've seen this quilt made in a few different colourways now and, I have to say, they are all fab-u-lous!  The beautiful Moda Grunge background is perfect for a turtle pond.

This sandwich also belongs to Our Pam. She works on the 9-Patch units in between other projects... a great idea, it keeps a tiny-teeny-weeny bit of control of those scraps and gives a little break between the more "concentration needed" designs.

"concentration needed" designs... 
Like this one that Farmer Lynda is working on

There's a dinosaur... which wasn't easy at all... but then it wasn't tricky either! 
depended on which part Lynda was sewing when you asked her... 
She sent the photo with this 
"OMG, I did it!" ha ha ha

There are leaves that were also "tricky... not too tricky".
Great hoots of pleasure with each block finished!
We will watch the progress as it happens.

Fiona Too is now designing her very own projects. 
You can't beat a personalized gift and it's toot toot toot time 
A fabulous Unique and finished project

The back of the cushion perfectly co-ordinated and very clever indeedy...  the design carried through from the front with a fabulous hidden zip in the bush! toot toot toot

This was the last kit left in my very own shop for the Bugs quilt, called 'Buzzin' Around'
 I'm making it. A free pattern from the Andover fabric folk, how very kind, thank you very much.
I need a gifting quilt... watch this space, work has already started!

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