Saturday 10 April 2021

Cats On The Fence

I've had A LOT of fabric delivered during this last week or so. It all got ordered when the government gave me the grant payment. I went a bit mad, spent the lot on ordering threads and fabrics ready for the normal life to come back.
This range is Katie's Cats, a Makower collection. It's a lovely, bright and colourful range... I'm hoping you agree that it's very want-able-need-able! I decided to make a quilt knowing exactly the right design. Licketty-Split, I had cut just enough of each fabric and left my shop for a sewing spell in my Quilty Quarters. 
After a bit of paper and pencil calculating, I got it all beautifully pressed using Best Press (a highly recommended potion that I have just been introduced to) and all the strips were accurately cut. 6 strips of the larger cats and 10 of each of the other 5 fabrics. 
Strip sets, 10 of each... that's a lot of accurate stitching in straight lines!
A good firm pressing of all the seams to one side... 
and then cut into blocks ready for the Railfence design
which way would the blocks look best on my rails?
Hearty rails?
Stripe-y rails?
I actually liked the hearty rails better but...
The stripe-y rails won this time. I should have cut the heart fabric wider to have hearty rails, too late now! And it still looks great, even if I do say so myself! The Railfence design is a really easy one so I was done with the top quite quickly.
 The sandwich was made in my shop on tables pushed together... like in the good old days! See that join in the strips? That's me being thrifty! It won't be noticed in the grand scheme.
Quilting with bright and colourful thread. I used my walking foot for the stripy Railfence design then put the darning foot on, dropped those feed-dogs and free motioned quilted the rest with hearts and curly-whirly loops 
You should be able to see the quilting if you zoom in a bit.
The larger cats fabric had one big heart, all slightly different shaped hearts as I didn't want to be faffing with drawing them first!
Back to my shop to choose the binding, Pink with purple dots was perfect.

A rubbish photo but it's finished. toot toot toot  I've called it "Cats On The Fence"
How so? Cat fabric and a Railfence quilt design? Genius, ha ha ha
Measuring 49" x 70"  that's 1.25m x 1.80m
I'll try to take a better photo when I can find someone to hold the quilt up for me.
Needless to say, I had to write up the instructions for a few customers, very simple notes though. Pattern writing can be too wordy for me. I will be cutting kits next week for the ladies to make their very own Cat's On The Rails quilts. I hope they will share photos with us when the quilts are done.

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