Thursday, 1 April 2021

Ugly Bird House Quilt

That's it then, apart from stitching the label on, the Ugly Birdhouse Quilt is finished. It's been finished for a while but I couldn't make it look good in any photos I took. Mainly because no-one could to hold it up for me, darn the Covid!
We are allowed to visit people in the garden from this week, even quilts need to visit people don't they, ha! A cunning plan was hatched by my very good self to go visiting and get good quilt pictures!! and to see my Lilly and her babies, of course, ooops!

My Lilly ordered sunshine so we could gather in her garden.
Of course she helped me take pictures of the quilt. 

There were two little helpers...
Both babies just had birthdays so we need a feet photo
It's a new tradition!! 

Not that little man wanted to stand still! 
Faye asked me to pick her up so she could look over the top,
Alas, I didn't have enough hands.

The back... with feet, lots of quilts have feet!
Toot toot toot Nangie, it's a fabulous and finished Ugly fabric quilt. 
Guess who wants to keep it?
I'll hang it in my shop for a while first, now that it's done, I love it!

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