Monday, 5 July 2021

Bitty Bolt Bonanza

Apparently, "I have too much fabric for you to choose from." 
It's said so many times whilst you're pondering your projects, ha!
I am trying to get to grips with my stock. 
Every year I promise to try, but it never works.
I have quite a few bitty bolts with not much fabric left on them. Each bolt that you choose to empty gives me at least one inch of space on a shelf.
Starting tomorrow, until panic sets in (and you know I panic when I sell too much fabric!!)  
When you Empty a fabric bolt, I will take off 10% from the cost of your fabric piece. 
While I'm being brave... I have an abundance of patterns on special offer too.

Lots of Kids Quilts Patterns, many different designs, with a saving of 25% each.
I have a few 'Sew Me Something' dressmaking patterns left with 10% off.
I'll give 10% off of my quilt hangers. Sizes ranging from a very cute 3" to about 12"

Would you like to buy a little (or large) piece of fabric? or a pattern? 
Something lovely that you had no idea you might need?
You might find something perfect for your projects or for your stash cupboard or fabric drawer, or just because!
I will wait for you to come.

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