Monday, 28 June 2021

Buzzin Around Quilt

Lots of fabric companies offer free patterns on their websites. I often go to have a look but I'm afraid I rarely make up any of the quilts. They are not usually my 'cup of tea'. This one, however, I love!! I had cut the fabrics and made up kits, including the panels, for my shop, and they sold well for a while. I had one left, teasing me... So, eventually, I set about making it... trying not to change anything or go off on one of my creative rabbit holes, ha!

As with all of the printed panels, there was squaring up to do. The pictures almost never print perfectly straight. I love the black and white fabrics, some of the stripes even lined up!  That made me happy when it happened but I wasn't about to try to do that on purpose, even I have my limits on matching up!

It didn't take long to get all the blocks framed and I just needed to play about with how I wanted to place the bugs... not a line you will hear me say often... I'm a catch em in a glass and throw 'em back outside kind of gal, normally!

A big skip foreword and the top was complete, with no photos but, trust me, it was finished. It's about 62 inches square. Huge backing fabric piece required. I used up lots of the left over bits to piece it and make it more interesting... that really means that there wasn't enough of the yellow fabric!

Quilting was tricky as I had broken my wrist by this point. I couldn't sew straight lines. Give me a problem... I'll make lemonade... is that how it goes? Ha! I just zig-zagged all over it. Not turning the quilt for each direction but using my reverse button, genius!

It's hanging in my shop now, finished and fabulous
Toot toot tooting for my very own self? Why ever not, ha!

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