Monday, 14 June 2021

Fabulous & Finished

Does this photo help you remember the way we used to share our projects?
It's been taken by me, my very good self, with our Princess Jackie holding it up on the Photo Step! You can do that now you know, bring in your quilts for me to see and take pictures of. You should really know by now that I only have a shop to make my blog more interesting, ha!
What a stunning quilt it is too. Jackie had made the same design before but this time she wanted a slightly smaller quilt so had all the applique pattern pieces shrunk, clever people know how to do that, so Jackie asked one!! ha ha ha (sorry Jackie!) It's so lovely isn't it. Bright, fun and cheerful. Toot toot toot Jackie

Jackie had to stay up on the photo step as this too is one of her works of art. I'm starting to wonder whether people close to Jackie have babies just so they get to be gifted one of these amazing quilts? I suspect this rather cute bunny quilt will be gifted to a little girl

Ever so pink on the back too. We love to incorporate left over fabrics to make great quilt backs and you can see all the excellent quilting too. Free Motion style done with the walking foot... it takes patience though. Toot toot toot Jackie, yet another Fabulous and finished quilt. 

This is a quilt Nuttie has been making for several years. She had made a sandwich in readiness for her to hand quilt it over time, at least that was the original plan. You can just make out that she gave up on plan A and took it to a Long Arm quilting service, plan B. Toot toot toot Nuttie, it's a fabulous and finished quilt!

I have actually missed quite a few phot opportunities, I'm out of the habit you see. When folk call in for a bit of inspiration, or technical advice for getting their projects made, I mostly don't think about taking pictures until they've already left! I'm working on that going forward.

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