Sunday, 13 June 2021

Lovely Yellow Daisies

Back in the earlier days of this last (?) lockdown, I set out to use up some of my older fabrics. I called them My Uglies, They weren't really all that ugly... many of you wrote to explained that to me, I had a few funny messages actually. Hey ho 

Bright Yellow daisies on Turquoise? 
I think it works. It's all about the contrast, don't you think?
We are not going to talk about that flippin soft toy... 
I still roll my eyes at it every time I see it, ha!

Lots of decisions on placement and, while I was at it...
 How come they are all different sizes. Using up odd bits of fabric, that's how.

Borders on and by now, I like it

Sandwiched with yet another piece of wadding that was really not big enough but I risked it anyway. I'm living a daring life!!! I could always trim a bit off the edge when it was quilted.

Do you remember me making this quilt top back in February Lockdown?
This is the link to that blog post if you would like to read it.
I used this as the backing, Very turquoise!

I got it all quilted up and the binding machine stitched on. 
The idea was to hand sew the binding between customers in my shop... 
that worked well until I broke my very own wrist. 
But now, it's Fabulous and finished, except for the label which is in progress, I promise
Toot toot toot for my very own self...
Another pile of my fabrics have been used up, that's progress!

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Joanne in Massachusetts said...

Without the story, no one would think this was a left over product...the back is perfect and makes it a double sided quilt. Counts as two finishes.