Thursday 28 October 2021

Retreat Stitching News

I took a lot of pre cut and pre-prepared projects with me for the retreat sewing. I can't think and decide about stuff too much when I am in a room full of laughter and chatter and it takes very little thinking just to sew bits together... we do only sew bits together don't we.

I planned to make this project as a shop sample so it was one of the first jobs to be tackled. You know I always have the Eye Spy Six Packs cut for you... Some customers ask for ideas on how to make a larger project and adding sashing strips is super easy. It made up in one afternoon, all the sashing had been cut to size and I was able to make the sandwich at 7am the following day, so as not to need to clear anyone from a table. It still needs quilting, it's been added to the list!!.

The traditional relaxed, early morning, after bath, feet up photo...
This time I had a very posh cafetiere coffee which was de-lish-us.
One could get used to this!

I rarely make the same quilt twice, but I did love this Tomte quilt that I gifted to the grand ones... so I made it again, possible as a keeper. During a video call treat, Faye wanted to know whether she can have it when it's finished, she's obviously forgotten all the fun she had with the one she already has... those 3 year olds, they remember nothing, ha!!

Then there were Churn Dashes... I absolutely love these blocks. I love my fabric choices and all the clash-y colours to think this will be a quilt backing too.... loads left to do at this point...

Just a different angle. I just kept pinning them to the net curtain and each added block added more joy! Had to make lots more 9 inch blocks and 26 x 6inch size ones too... they are all made. Now I have to find time to decide on the placement and the filler bits... which will involve 3 inch Churndash Blocks.

More pictures will follow.... I hope... you know the old Life gets in the way excuse don't you, Ha!

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