Sunday 10 October 2021

Stitching News

There are some beautiful projects coming together in my classroom. Busy days pass by so quickly... in the blink of an eye, it's another week later....
Anyhow... I did get some photos. not the best quality, I know.

We had a Sewing Saturday in my classroom and Deb was so chuffed to have got so much done on her table runner! She learned the importance and benefits of cutting the block units as accurately as possible, and learned a little bit of fudging too.

Cheryl just needed to add the binding. It's a Single Bed quilt so it's a long way round. She did it all by machine, very successfully. So this is a call for a fabulous and finished fanfare, toot toot toot

Fiona is having a tricky time with this table runner. Not for want of trying... it's the blooming wonky panel pictures. They have made it all very trying... but it's almost done now and it will be fabulous.

Di is putting this on the back of a gifting quit. It's a great idea and now that she has committed to a year date, she's going to have to finish this Christmas project soon. All the letters are stuck on so she's a marathon of blanket stitching to do next .

Lorna has decided she doesn't like Foundation Paper Piecing after all... though she has to continue with these planes... I've started so I'll finish!! ha. I don't think there can be many to go now and Lorna is actually working on more than this one quilt so that breaks it up a bit.

We need another Fabulous and finished fanfare now...
Di's Woodland gifting quilt is finished and ready for delivery to it's lucky new owner...
This is the back of the Woodland quilt, how fabulous it is. Little man is named Obie... He has a little label in the corner too. I'm not sure whether I told you the story of Di's label did I? Trilobal Polyester is beautiful to look at but it will melt if you keep the hot iron on it while you natter!! 
Congratulations Lady Lidl A splendid quilt and worth all the frustration!

Our Pam was so excited when these Makower Advent panels arrived in my shop. She has 3 little dogs in her family and this year they'll all have fun waiting for Santa. Toot toot toot Our Pam, they are fabulous and finished in good time for filling up the pockets.

New Sue finished the centre of her latest gifting quilt. The design is from a book, which I've forgotten to note down, but it's basically a Snowball block alternating with a 9-Patch block. Very effective and, if you like to piece and play with scraps... would be great for you.

While you are here please note that
My shop will be open as normal this next week but closed from 2pm on Saturday 16th October until opening again on Monday 25th October, which I believe is Half Term.
We are going on our September 2020 Sewing retreat, only just over a year late and we are all very very very thankful to be going and super excited to sew, for a change!

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