Wednesday 27 April 2022

A Busy Weekend

I hope some of you managed to get to the Uttoxeter Quilt Show? It was really good. 'They' call it the British Quilt & Stitch Village but we still love the original Uttoxeter Quilt Show.
I was kept super busy for the duration as we were very short of Quilt Angel helpers this year. Some people volunteered but couldn't make it due to Covid! And others just didn't arrive for their Angel slot, I guess some forgot. It's a good job so many ladies were able to do more than one duty to protect the quilts from the naughty touchy feely visitors. Thank you Angel Ladies!!! I do understand though... it's hard to remember not to touch with such beautiful work to look at isn't it.
I had a little sale table which had to be looked after at the very same time. Luckily I was able to rely on Our Pam, Lady Lidl and Farmer Lynda to play shop, in between Being Angels and their frequent visits (for shopping) downstairs!! Thank You Team Monkeys.
I didn't take any photos, I didn't even remember to try to take photos but I talked and chatted and nattered almost none stop!! It's so lovely to catch up with like minded people. Many folk were excited just to be somewhere!!! I had to make sure everyone knew where my shop was too... I'm a rare Bricks And Mortar only Shop after all....  (bit of a Dinosaur really)

Luckily Our Pam took a photo of her very own Competition Quilt.
Bringing Literature Alive With Stitching was the title of the 'Special Theme' this time, I think Pam nailed that challenge... Of course it's an Elizabeth Hartman pattern with the addition of book titles, a rather cunning idea wasn't t it!! BUT even more importantly Toot toot toot Pam, a Fabulous and finished quilt that was admired by many visitors of this years Uttoxeter Quilt Show.

I have a bit more to comment on about the quilt competition but I'll have to do that another day.
The one judge we had this year was very harsh with some of her opinions/comments. If that affected you and your work, please try not to take it to heart. It's all personal taste at the end of the day. If you love your quilt that is ALL that matters.
Keep stitching for your very owns selves you lovely folk!!!

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Beverley Seymour said...

The Quilt show was a 1st for me but I throughly enjoyed it. The standard was very high some exceptionally talented folk .